Brady Industries



Company:  Brady Industries
Type:  Janitorial/Sanitation Wholesale Distributor

  • Created Financial Reporting that allows custom formatting by Controller
  • Created Inventory Analysis Reports in format meaningful to Operations
  • Created publication function for Financial Packages accessible only based upon user signon

As VP of Finance for Brady Industries, Mark Janz called upon Your Tech Tamer to help solve the  challenges of an unresponsive software package.  The main program they use handles the daily processes fairly well but when it comes to presenting financial statements and the detailed information that supports those statements, it falls short.  "The YTT team was able to create a portal that cut the time it took to produce the financials by 75% as well as providing a method for the management team to access the detailed information behind those financials directly without having to request the information from the Accounting department.   The additional time that this process has saved the company has provided a 100% ROI within the first 4 months of using the program.  We also utilized the YTT team to create certain on demand reports that we not available with our existing system.  Our IT team was able to focus on other issues while Your Tech Tamer created the reports producing a more efficient means of retrieving the data and, again, creating an immediate ROI.  No one software program can meet the needs of everyone who uses it.  Your Tech Tamer bridges those gaps very well."

Janz also commented on the expertise of Your Tech Tamer’s president, Sandy Clitter.  “Sandy’s experience as a CFO and as a business owner really helps her understand her customers’ needs from a variety of different angles.  Before meeting Sandy, I would often say ‘this can’t be done’.  Now, I call Sandy and we figure out a solution together that enables owners and managers to click one button and get what they need from their technology; and, she is great at communicating to managers exactly what the buttons do and what they don’t do.  She is a great value.”

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